About Elite Brands


Who We Are

We are a Family-Owned, Values-Based business located in Mars, Pennsylvania looking to help Entrepreneurs grow.  We began as entrepreneurs in 2005 becoming Sport Clips Haircuts Franchisees and bought our first location in Robinson, PA.  The location was on the verge of bankruptcy, and we were able to turn it around into a profitable, successful location.  Doing so, we were awarded the “Rookie Franchisee of the Year” award by Sport Clips in 2006.  

Over the years, we have built and acquired Sport Clips locations by treating people right, doing our best, and providing excellent service.  We now own and operate 34 Sport Clips locations in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania among which 2 are in the Top 10 in sales across the country.  

Throughout our tenure as Sport Clips operators, we have gotten involved with real estate opportunities, and other business ventures.  We opened a bakery called Gigi’s Cupcakes in north Pittsburgh in 2016, bought into 24/7 and CrossFit gym called Beyond Parallel in 2021, and have acquired several real estate parcels along the way.  

We have learned a lot and have built a solid infrastructure to continue our growth.  By doing so, we also found the opportunity with Elite Brands to help other Entrepreneurs complete the functions that they may not be as strongly suited to accomplish.  

We are a Teamof Experts